Bihar Information Center

Bihar Information Centre, New Delhi, is an office under the Information and Public Relations Department, Government of Bihar.
It plays a crucial role in coordination with regional, national, international media and in disseminating developmental and public welfare works of the Government of Bihar.
Apart from this, during the Delhi stay of dignitaries such as Honourable Governor, Honourable Chief Minister and Honourable Ministers, the employees of Bihar Information Centre play an active role in coordinating work.

Roles & Responsibilities

In the service of Honourable Chief Minister, Media-related works are executed daily ( even on holidays) by Bihar Information Centre, New Delhi Opening the office at 6:30 am every day, all prominent national newspaper are clipped,Photostatted,and e-mailed to the Chief Minister’s Secretariat for the perusal of the Hon’ble Chief Minister. Currently, e-paper are clipped and e-mailed in view of the conditions occurred from the corona pandemic.
All prominent newspapers published from Delhi are sent to Patna every day by first flight for the perusal of Honourable Governor and Honourable Chief Minister. It is currently disrupted because of the conditions occurred from Corona pandemic.
Media-coordination of all programs in the National Capital Region of Honourable Governor, Honourable Chief Minister, and other Honourable ministers and officials of the Government of Bihar.
Coordination in the field of information and communication between the Government of India and the Government of Bihar.
Conduct press conferences regularly under the chairmanship of Honourable Chief Minister and other Honourable Minister of the Government of Bihar, department Principal Secretaries, etc.
Issuance of regular press releases concerning public welfare programs, review meeting, and events of the Government of Bihar. Conduct Press conference on various occasions.
Annual media conference on achievement of Government of Bihar on important occasions such as: - International Trade Fair, Bihar Day.etc.
Coordination of organized programs for the promotion of tourism, food, industry, education and culture of Bihar.
Regularly meeting and interaction with representative of Delhi, based media institutions and officials of State Information Centres.
Create online newsletter, editing of website-related works.

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