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Directory :
SNoNameDesignationResidence AddressContact No.
1Sh. P.K.SinhaCabinet Secretary, Government of India  
2Sh. Amrendra Kumar DubeySecretary Ministry of youth Affairs, Government of India 23382897
3Sh. Jai Priye PrakashSecretary, Department of Pharmaceutical M/0 Chemicals & Fertilizer, Government of India 23381573
4Sh. Susheel KumarSecretary, Ministry of Coal, Government of India 23384884
5Sh. Prabhash kumar JhaSecretary, Department of Official Languages, Government of India 23438266
6Sh. Binoy KumarDG, DGS&D, Government of India 43583702
7Sh. Rajni Ranjan RashmiSpecial Secretary, Ministry of Enviorenment & Forest, Government of India 24695130
8Sh. Anant Kumar SinghAdditional Secretary & Financial Advisor, M/o Petrolium and Natural Gas, Government of India 23092514
9Shri Udai Pratap SinghVice Chancellor, DDA, Government of Delhi 24697900, 24699470
10Sh. Upendra Prasad SinghAdditional Director, National Mission for Clean Ganga, M/o Water Resource, Government of India 23049528
11Ms. Amita PrasadAdditional Secretary Ministary of Environment, Government of India 24695242
12Sh. Abhay TripathiAdditional Secretary Senior Directing Staff, Government of India 23016537
13Sh. Anil Kumar JainAdditional Secretary, NITI Ayog, Government of India 23096551
14Sh. Utpal Kumar SinghAdditional Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India 23070306/ 23070916
15Sh. Sanjeev N. SahayPrincipal Secretary, Finance & Vigilance, Government of Delhi 23392130
16Sh. Chitranjan Kumar KhaitanRegistrar General & Census Commission, Government of India 23070629
17Sh. Rajiv Ranjan MishraJoint Secretary, Housing, Government of India 23061665
18Dr. Pradeep KumarJoint Secretary-cum-Financial Advisor, Ministry of Power, Government of India 23710171
19Sh. Barun MitraJoint Secretary, Ministry of Shipping, Government of India 23356712
20Sh. Ali Raza RizviJoint Secretary, M/o Commerce, Government of India 23063315
21Sh. Shailendra SinghJoint Secretary, Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India 011- 23061637
22Sh. Manoj Kumar SinghJoint Secretary, Ministry of Environment & Forest, Government of India 24695281
23Sh. Rajesh Kumar Singh,Joint Secretary (Bridge) Agriculture, Government of India 23381503
24Sh. Arun KumarJoint Secretary, Ministry of Civil Aviation, Government of India 24643246
25Sh. Prashant TrivediJoint Secretary,D/o food& PD, M/o Consumer Affairs, F&PD, Government of India 23382529
26Sh. Alok KumarJoint Sec police 1, M/o Home Affairs, Government of India 23092548
27Sh. Pankaj RagJoint Secretary, M/o Culture, Government of India 23381396
28Sh. Deepak KumarJoint Secretary, Ministry of Food and Consumer, Government of lndia 23384308
29Sh. Ravi Shankar PrasadJoint Secretary, Ministry of Environment & Forest, Government of India 24695309
30Smt Ishita RoyJoint Secretary, M/o Human Resources Dev D/o Higher Education, Government of Indiavironment & Forest, Government of India 23381721
31Sh. Bishwanath SinhaJoint Secretary, Environment & Forest, Government of India 24695274
32Sh. Rakesh RanjanJoint Secretary (ICC, Policy), Government of lndia 23071486
33Sh. Neeraj VermaMember PPP, NHAI, M/o Road & Transport, Govdernment of India 25093509
34Sh. Praveen PrakashJoint Secretary, Ministry of Urban Development, Government of India 23062309
35Smt. Aprajita SarangiJoint Secretary, Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India 23383553
36Sh. Dilip KumarJoint Secretary, M/o Home Affairs, Government of India 23438100
37Sh. Nitishwar KumarPersonnal Secretary to Minister of State, Ministry of Railways, Government of India 23385125
38Sh. Rajiv TopnoPersonnal Secretary, Prime Minister's Office, New Delhi, Government of India 23016060
39Sh. Jitendra Kumar SinhaJoint Sectery, M/o Development of North Eastern region, Government of India 23022019
40Sh. AlokDeputy, DG, Bureau of Energy, Government of India 26104834
41Sh. Brajendra NavnitJoint Secy, Prime Minister Office, Government of India 23012613
42Sh. Nitesh Kumar JhaPersonal Secretary, Home Minister, Government of India 23092462
43Sh. G.K SrivastavaAdditional Commissioner (Admn) and Chief Vigilance Officer 26855532
44Sh. Amit SatijaDC North, Delhi 27396629
45Sh. Naveen KumarChairman, Goods & Services Tax Network,Dept of Revenue 49111301
46Sh. Ajay Narayan JhaSecretary, Ministry of Environment, Government of India 24695262
47Ms. Archana VarmaJoint Secretary, Deptt. of Personnel & Training, M/o Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions, Government of India 23093668
48Shri Rajiv GaubaOfficer on Special Duty in the Ministry of Home Affairs , Government of India 23092989,23093031
49Shri Arun Kumar MehtaJoint Secretary, Ministry of Environment, Forests & Climate Change, Government of India 24695456
50Shri Rabindra Kumar AgarwalJoint Secretary, Minister of State for Shipping, Government of India 23711499
51Dr. A. B. P. PandeyCEO, UIDAI, Government of India 23752675
52Shri Niranjan Kumar SudhansuDirector, President's Sectt., Government of India 23016767
53Shri Nikhilesh JhaAdditional Secretary & Financial Advisor , Dept. of Food, Government of India 23384418
54Shri Arun Kumar SinhaOSD, India Trade Promotion Organisation (ITPO) 23378962
55Shri Pravir KrishnaJoint Secretary, Ministry of Shipping, Government of India 23711873
56Shri Rajeev RanjanJoint Secretary, Dept of Expenditure, M/o Finance, Government of India 23094811
57Shri Rajiv Nayan ChoubeySecretary, Ministry of Civil Aviation, Government of India 24610358
58Smt. Anita PraveenJoint Secretary, Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India 23062526
59Smt. Anita PraveenJoint Secretary, Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India 23062526
60Shri Shashi Ranjan KumarJoint Secretary (Telecom.) Ministry of Communications, Government of India 23717411
61Mr. Umesh SinhaDeputy Election Commissioner 23052081, 23052220
62Ms. Leena NandanJoint Secretary (EIC), Minister of State for Road Transport and Highways, GoI 23351280
63Shri Jiwesh NandanJoint Secretary (Army,Ordnance,QMG), M/o Defence, Government of India 23011410
64Shri Rajesh Kumar SinghDeputy Director General, UIDAI, Government of India 23481110
65Shri Alok KumarAdviser, Niti Ayog, Government of India 23096613
66Shri Sanjay PrasadJoint Secretary (LAND SYSTEM WING), Department of Defence Production, M/o Defence, Government of India 23013694
67Shri Amrit AbhijatJoint Secretary & Mission Director (HFA), Minister of State for Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation, Government of India 23061419
68Ms. Nutan Guha BiswasChairperson In-Land Water Wave Authority of India, Noida M/o Shipping, Government of India 0120-2543972
69Ms. Rina RayAdditional Secretary, Department of School Education & Literacy, Government of India 23383226
70Shri Gyanesh BhartiJoint Secretary, Ministry of Environment, Forests & Climate Change, Government of India 24695268
71Shri Sudhir KumarJoint Secretary, Department of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India 23061740
72Sh. Keshav chnadraCEO Delhi Jal Board, Government of Delhi 23511658, 23516182
73Sh. santosh kumar RaiSDM rohini, Delhi 25953528
74Sh. Avnish KumarDept. of Health & Faimly welfare, Govt. of Delhi  
75Smt. Shailini PrasadAdditional Secretary, Ministry of Power, Government of India 011-23710199
76Sh. Sanjay Kumar RakeshJoint Secretary, Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Government of India 011-24363071
77Sh. Shiv KumarDC West, New Delhi  
78Sh. Ajit KumarAGMUT, 2013  
79Sh. Sanjeev kumarAdditional Secretary Ministry of Health, Government of India 23061066, 23063809
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